The following are a selection of the comments written by riders at the end of their stay at Kiwivelo.

Several riders are also happy for potential Kiwivelo customers to contact them personally with any questions. Please contact us if you would like to contact them directly.


Kiwivelo: 2003
Discipline: Mountain Biker
Riding Level: Junior/Amateur
From: New Zealand

"The thing I like most about Kiwivelo was been able to just get out and ride everyday on great tracks that were always dry and so many of them. All the big hills to climb. Also it's a great city to visit and ride around. Meeting all the other riders and hitting the hills together was great fun."


Kiwivelo: 2004-5
Discipline: Mountain Biker
Riding Level: Amateur
From: Switzerland
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One of my first training rides in Nelson was to Cable Bay with Sandy and Tim's father. It was so beautiful that I rode a lot in this area.
I met a lot of people the English school and we took a lot of trips together. One of the trips was by sailing boat in the Abel Tasman National Park. We saw different animals, the most impressive for me was a stingray.
Some people from the school are new good friends and I still keep in touch with them back in Switzerland.
Another trip I went on was to the Karapoti Classic. Karapoti Classic is the biggest bike race in New Zealand. I won my category and was very happy.
Through the 3 months I had a fantastic homestay family. I think I had the best homestay in Nelson. Thanks to the WINWOODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For me, the 3 months in New Zealand were the best time in my life. When I have enough money I will go back to the paradise on Earth.