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Okiwi Bay

Okiwi Bay

150km 950 m 5.5 h

Ride up and over the Whangamoa Saddle. It is an undulating downhill then a short flat until you begin climbing the Rai Saddle. At the bottom of the other side is a long straight then a sweeping right hand curve with an intersection on the left. Take that road on the left, the first half is flat and then it begins to climb the Okiwi Bay Hill. It is a great descent down into Okiwi Bay. Ride back the way you came.
Okiwi Bay Profile

Tennyson Inlet

160km 950 m 6 h

Follow the directions to Okiwi Bay, but soon after you turn onto the road to Okiwi Bay you will come to a road crossing a bridge on your right. This road is flat for 12 km until you reach the bottom of the Tennyson Inlet hill.

Both sides of this hill are very steep to ride up, but a thrill to ride down. Turn at the bottom of the other side where the asphalt ends.

Okiwi Bay road cycling Map