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Nelson, New Zealand

Nelson is famous as the sunniest city in New Zealand. Its famous for its arts and crafts. Its famous for its vineyards and its famous for the natural beauty of its environment and National Parks.

Nelson is the obvious choice for a training camp because of the weather. Nelson has the NZ record for the most sunshine hours in one month (336 hours), and in one year (2711 hours).

The clean natural environment is another highlight of the Nelson experience. Adventure-seeking visitors travel from all over New Zealand and the world to hike, bike, raft and kayak in and around Nelson and its three National Parks.

Nelson Weather Fact Box

Av Max Temp22222118151312131517192117
Av Min Temp131311852235810128
Av Sunshine Hours2662292121881731431571711862122252452405
Av Rainy Days6677788910108 894
Source www.niwa.cri.nz

How To Get Here

new zealand map, Nelson Its really easy to get to Nelson because it is right in the centre of NZ.

Its just 40 minutes by plane from Wellington and there are daily flights to all the major airports. Nelson also has several bus operators with regular services to smaller nearby towns.

Return flights from Europe start at NZD 2,200 (including the transfer to Nelson). We are happy to help you with travel arrangements, we can even make the booking for you and mail you the tickets.

Visitors Information

Visitors Visa

Most visitors only need a visa for stays in New Zealand for longer than three months.

For more information visit the New Zealand Immigration Service website at http://www.immigration.govt.nz

Cost of Living

The cost of traveling and living in New Zealand is cheap by European or North American standards. Of course your meals are included in the homestay package, but the following list will give you an idea of the cost of things you may want to buy.
Big Mac $4.60 CHF3.90 EUR2.30$3.20
Movie Ticket $13.00 CHF11.00 EUR6.50 $9.10
Movie Ticket - Student $11.00 CHF9.30 EUR5.50 $7.70
Pint of Beer (600ml) $6.50 CHF5.30 EUR3.25 $4.55

More Info

The following links will give you more information on Nelson and New Zealand.

Nelson City Council
The Nelson City Council website has some great information about Nelson and Nelson events.


The Nelson Mail
The Nelson Mail is Nelson's newspaper. Main news stories and editorial articles are published here daily.
Also has links to other New Zealand newspapers.


100 percent pure New Zealand
The official website for Tourism New Zealand.
Has information about travel, activities and attractions in NZ


New Zealand Immigration Service
The official website of the New Zealand Immigration Service.
Has information for travellers coming to New Zealand including important information on Visitors Visas and Permits.


Or contact the NZ Embasay nearest you

Phone (22) 929 03 50
Phone (30) 2062 10
The Hague-Netherlands
Phone (70) 365 8037
Phone (202) 328 4800