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Tucker's Trails

This is a combination of three singletracks build especially for mountain biking. Get to the start of this ride by following the Maitai Valley and turning left into Sharland’s Rd. Follow Sharland’s Rd as it climbs gently for 20 or 30 mins and turn left into the second entrance to Bob’s Fern Rd, follow this to the top and then ride (or walk) up the short steep firebreak. At the top you will see the start of the Groundeffect Double Happy on your left. This mostly downhill singletrack will bring you back to Bob’s Fern Rd and right to the top of the Scottwood Wiggle. Follow this singletrack back down to Sharland’s Rd.

From here go down Sharland’s Rd and turn left into the a short steep 4wd track shown in the map as a blue dashed line. This track can be hard to find, if you get to the Sharland’s Rd gate you have gone too far. Head up this track until you reach the start of Ching’s Highway on your right. Ching’s Highway roughly follows the contours of the hillside above Sharland’s Road. It ends at a short gravel road downhill which will bring you right to the bottom of Sharland’s Road.

Tuckers Trails Mountain Bike Map

View of Ching's Highway singletrack from top of Kaka Hill