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Tantragee Saddle

The Tantragee Saddle is a key point for finding other rides and it is a good entry level ride on its own.

From town ride up Brook St until you reach a small horse riding school called OK Corral, turn left after the next bridge. There you can choose to follow the gravel road which will take you all the way to the Saddle, or turn right onto the Dun Mt Walkway which is moderately steep and mostly singletrack.

From the top of the Walkway track you need to climb the gate there and continue straight ahead to until you join the gravel road about 100m before the saddle. At the saddle climb over the gate and ride down the other side. Shortly after you pass the pipeline (there is a gate that here may be closed) you can choose to continue straight ahead or turn right. Going right is a slightly longer loop, and takes you to the beginning of the Maitai Walkway. Going straight brings you more directly to the Maitai Walkway. Either way, follow the walkway back to town.

Another option on this ride is to turn left at the Tantragee Saddle climb over the gates and ride up Fireball Rd, follow it up and over the top and down the other side. You can turn left into the Dead Dog track or continue to the intersection then turn left there to go down to the golf course. From both of these options follow the Maitai Valley Walkway back to Nelson.

Tantragee Saddle Mountain Bike Map