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Kaka Hill

From the top of Kaka Hill there are several technical downhill options. The toughest are the Nationals Downhill track and the Broken Axe. Still technical but not as steep are the Supplejack, Rimu and Matai tracks which bring you down through native bush. Find the bottom of Kaka Rd at the start of Sharland’s Rd in Maitai Valley. Turn left onto Kaka Rd, over or around the gate and up the climbing gets steep at the first left-hand curve. Stay on Kaka Rd past the Kaka Left Branch Rd intersection until you reach the ridgeline. If you turn left here onto Kaka Trig Rd you will see the top of Broken Axe on your left as you ride towards the top of Kaka Hill, and the start of the Nationals DH track is on your left just before you reach the top.

Going right instead staying on Kaka Rd along the ridgeline will bring you to a singletrack on your right through native bush. Follow this down to the start of the Supplejack, Rimu and Matai tracks. They are all technical singletracks and all have a few steep sharp corners and they all bring you to the same singletrack which you can follow back to the bottom of Sharland’s Rd.

Kaka Hill Mountain Bike Map