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Fringed Hill - Uphill
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Dun Mountain Railway
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Dun Mt. Railway

Start by following Brook St upstream until you reach Blick Tce. Take the gravel road that is on your left, climb the gate and continue through a disused council storage area.

The first section joins the gravel road to the Tantragee Saddle, follow this a few hundred metres until you can see the top, the gravel road turns left to the saddle but you should follow the railway track to the right. After a few hundred metres you will come to a junction where you should take the left option onto the single track. This track continues much like this all the way to Third House.

The Fringed Hill Firebreak crosses the railway track about 1/4 of the way to Third House, and the 4WD road crosses it about half way there. Turn at third House and come back down the same way.

Watch out for walkers!

Dun Mountain Railway Mountain Bike Map