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Central and Sharland's Rd
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Central and Sharland's Rd

This is an easy going gravel road loop suitable in either direction and with a few rougher side options you can take along the way. Both roads start from the same place in the Maitai Valley. From the Maitai Valley Rd turn left after the Sharlands Creek Bridge to get to the start of both roads. Follow that gravel road until the first fork, take the left option across the ford for Sharland’s Rd or go straight ahead for Central Rd. In either direction the road is wide gravel and gently climbing. Both roads climb to about 400m before descending slightly to meet at Packers Saddle. From there you can take the other one back to where you started in Maitai Valley or go down to Teal Saddle and down to the Maitai Dam and home down the Maitai Valley Rd beside the Maitai Valley.
These two roads can be used to access several other more technical tracks, such as the Tucker’s Trails or the Goat Hill track down to the Maitai Valley.

Central Rd Sharlands Rd Mountain Bike Map